Mark Mavity Class Of 1984


Dr. Mavity served 34 years as a USAF physician, culminating in senior USAF and joint leadership positions. He served briefly as NASA’s Director of Health and Medical Systems. He is transitioning to a Medical Director position with Inova Health System’s Corporate Health Section. Dr. Mavity is a 1984 Distinguished Graduate. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from USUHS in 1988. He spent his early career in operational flight medicine and is board certified in Aerospace and Preventive Medicine. He has commanded at both the squadron and group levels. He served multiple tours in the Office of the USAF Surgeon General, leading aerospace medicine, medical readiness, and Invisible Wound programs. He was hand-picked as Command Surgeon for USAF Central Command, and subsequently as joint Command Surgeon for US Central Command. Dr. Mavity is a Life Member of the Associate of Graduates and the Air Force Association. He served on the Society of USAF Flight Surgeons Board of Governors, and as Past President and Board Member for the American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists. He is a Certified Physician Executive of the American Association for Physician Leadership. As a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association he has served on multiple committees.

Candidacy Statement

I offer my service to our AOG out of gratitude and respect for the institution that binds us all in Service. As the vested watchguard to our shared ideals and legacy, our AOG is charged with serving and providing Value to Graduates, Cadets, and the Institution itself; and is now more capably delivering on its three stated mission objectives than ever before. Nonetheless, we are at an inflection point as we
organizationally transition to a combined CEO for our AOG and the Academy Foundation. This was the right decision to move us forward, but the governance details will require close attention so that we execute this vision successfully. My experience with multiple nonprofit boards will serve our community well in this endeavor. This would be the first of two areas upon which I would focus my attention. The second Would be on our Board’s Transparency and Responsive to Graduates. I pledge to make myself openly accessible to all Graduates so that we can continue to deliver support and services of Relevance and Value to all Graduates. As our Long Blue Line grows, we must adapt to meet evolving needs. I look forward to serving you, our Cadets, and our Academy.