Yann Wollman Class Of 2020


Yann Wollman, Class of 2020, is an Acquisitions Officer in the newly minted U.S. Space Force. Wollman was founder and director of USAFA SPARK, the Academy’s AFWERX Innovation Cell designed to inculcate the next generation of Innovative Warfighters. He led 250 of his fellow cadets in the Association for Innovation. He was also Cadet Director of the Center of Innovation at the Department of Homeland Security, responsible for early-stage research into companies that are engaged in market-shaping disruptive technologies. In 2018, Wollman received a University Innovation Fellowship at Stanford and authored the “Innovation Vision” for Superintendent, Lt Gen Silveria. He ran “Operation Winter Scout,” a project focused on developing collaboration opportunities between Silicon Valley tech corporations and the Air Force Academy. Upon commissioning, Wollman earned his B.S. in operations research with a minor in French language and culture.

Candidacy Statement

It is an honor to run for a seat on the AOG Board of Directors. While the Academy is only a few short months in the rearview mirror, it has taught me valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. During my cadet career, I became committed to the future excellence of USAFA. As such, given my specialization in disruptive thinking and innovation, I elected to double down on my passion. Navigating the nuances of senior leadership and learning how to effect positive change, while considering the historical importance of tradition, is paramount to the Academy’s growth. I look forward to challenging the paradigm from a contemporary perspective. If elected, I will serve with agility, persistence, and creativity. My mission will be to build upon our
rich heritage and push the envelope of what our institution can achieve.