2024 Events

Click an event below to view more details. All event times are local to where the event is hosted unless noted otherwise. If you have questions about any of the below events, please contact events@usafa.org.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location
24 June USAFA Meet & Greet Olympic Museum Colorado Springs, CO
25 June In-Processing Legacy Parent Welcome Doolittle Hall, USAFA
25 June In-Processing Ice Cream Social Doolittle Hall, USAFA
9 July USAFA Prep School Meet & Greet Olympic Museum Colorado Springs, CO
10 July USAFA Prep School Meet and Greet Space Foundation & Discovery Center
11 July USAFA Prep School Inprocessing/Info Fair Doolittle Hall, USAFA
25-28 July Long Blue Line Weekend Various events and locations USAFA & Colorado Springs, CO
26 July March Back(Grads only) USAFA
26 July Long Blue Line Awards Dinner Colorado Springs, CO
27 July Long Blue Line Conference USAFA, Colorado Springs, CO
16 August Distinguished Graduate Award Dinner Falcon Club, USAFA, CO
21 August Long Blue Gray Line Social (with West Point) San Diego, CA
22-23 August Service Academy Career Conference San Diego, CA
23 August Next of Kin Ceremony USAFA
29 August WebGuy social - celebrating 20 years of service Doolittle Hall, USAFA
31 August Falcon Nation Tailgate USAFA, CO
13 September Long Blue Line Social DC
5 October Falcon Nation Tailgate USAFA, CO
15-17 October Service Academy Global Summit (SAGS) DC
17-18 October Service Academy Career Conference DC
1 November Falcon Nation Social NYC, NY
2 November Falcon Nation Tailgate NY - WestPoint

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The Legacy Class program pairs the newest class with the class that had graduated 50 years before them.

Looking to connect with other Air Force Academy grads in your area?