Alumni Opportunities

Many opportunities are available to our alumni, and we want to let you know about a couple of them. Click the links below to reveal more information.

  • Olmstead Foundation Scholarship

  • Want to become an Olmstead Scholar? Not sure where to begin? We’ve done some research for you on the basics of qualifications so you can see if it’s the right fit for you!

    • Are you an Active Duty Air Force Officer? (Unfortunately Reserves and National Guard do not count)
    • Are you one of the following specialties?
      • Code 11: Pilot
      • Code 12: Navigator
      • Code 13: Space, Missile, Command and Control
      • Code 14: Intelligence
      • Code 18: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot
      • Code 21: Logistics
      • Code 31: Security
      • Code 32: Civil Engineering
      • Code 33: Communications
      • Code 38: Force Support
      • Code 61: Scientific Research/Development
      • Code 62: Developmental Engineer
      • Code 63: Acquisitions
    • Are you at least 3 years commissioned but not more than 11 years total active federal military service as of 1 April the year you apply
    • Do you have outstanding professional performance and promotion potential?
    • Have you demonstrated scholastic achievement (3.0 GPA and above at university)? Subsequent academic achievements while on active duty will also be factored into assessment.
    • A strong desire to study in a foreign language at a foreign university? You have one year after selection to arrive at language competency to fulfill graduate course requirements at a foreign university.
    • You need approval of service career planners/detailers/assignment officers
    • You need to have a commitment to the Olmstead Foundation goals
    • While not necessary, if you have a family, are they willing to support and be a part of the program?
    • If you do participate do you understand that you are on active duty and still subject to UCMJ?
    • Do you understand that as a participant you will be representing your country, military service and the Foundation to the community you are sent to?
    • Do you understand that after you complete this program you are still a part of the Olmstead Foundation community and eligible to assist as needed?

    If after all of that you are still interested and qualified here’s how to apply!
    Historically the Air Force calls for candidates for their scholars in June. Officers interested in applying to become an Olmsted Scholar candidate may do so through their respective personnel headquarters.


    Air Force Personnel Center
    Workforce Development
    Tel: 210-565-2103

    It is critical to assemble the application package and complete your dossier by the deadlines imposed for each specific Service Screening Board process. The Air Force in September. For a complete Timeline click here.

    University registration is the responsibility of the Scholar. The Foundation only guarantees complete tuition support to universities with its approval.

    Social and Political Sciences, History and International Relations/Affairs are the Foundation’s preferred areas of study for Scholars. However, Scholars may change the choice of study with the agreement of the Foundation, and provided the opportunity to study and probability of successful completion of the academic requirements are attainable.

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  • McConn Public Policy Internship

  • Sponsor US Air Force Academy graduate for a one-year graduate degree at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. Selected officers will learn both the art and science of policy management and leadership. Students develop leadership and communications skills in a curriculum that emphasizes analytical rigor to advance policy agendas. Graduates receive a Master of Policy Management degree. Required follow-on assignment to OSD, JCS, SAF or Air Staff office with legislative branch interaction.

    Richard “Dick” McConn is a 1966 graduate that sponsors this internship. You must be an US Air Force Academy graduate to apply.

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  • Service Academy Business Mastermind

  • The Service Academy Business Mastermind (SABM) is filled with Service Academy graduates on an entrepreneurial-, career- and business-building adventure.
    We are a community of Academy grads who create exponential value for each other through new learning, collaboration and connections.
    Our core purpose is to help Service Academy graduates achieve freedom of time, money, happiness and purpose through entrepreneurship and business ownership.
    There are lots of programs out there to help Service Academy graduates transition from a military to a civilian career.  But how about a program to help Academy grads transition into entrepreneurship?  Or to take their business to a 10X level?
    We believe

    • Academy Grads are the top 3% of the top 3%. Stanford, Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale and others might think they have the best entrepreneur and business owner graduates. They’re wrong.
    • Entrepreneurs and business owners are the people who move society forward.
    • Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey that uses our God-given talents and experiences to create new value in the world.
    • The best entrepreneurs don’t compete. They create something so uniquely valuable and personal that no one can replicate it.
    • Inside SABM, we don’t compete with each other.  We share our insight, expertise, experiences, wisdom, and connections to help each other reach new heights.
    • Making money isn’t bad or evil. It’s a powerful journey that tests your limits as you are rewarded for creating value.
    • If you make money doing what you love and you are great at it… you will never have to “retire.”

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  • Bass Military Scholars Program

  • Vanderbilt University’s Bass Military Scholars Program provides significant financial aid and programming support for an annual cohort of military veterans pursuing graduate and professional degrees and is open to students in five of Vanderbilt’s schools: The Law SchoolOwen Graduate School of Management, Peabody CollegeSchool of Medicine and School of Nursing.
    The program was established with a gift of $25 million to honor the leadership traits and commitment to service embodied by current and former members of the U.S. military.
    Members of the Bass Military Scholars Program will meet regularly as a group even as participants work towards degrees in different schools. They will also participate in a range of campus service activities designed to foster military-civilian exchanges and mentorship opportunities within the broader Vanderbilt community.


    The Bass Military Scholars Program is open to honorably discharged veterans — officers, and upper-level enlisted (E4 and higher) — applying to graduate and professional programs in the Law School, Owen Graduate School of Management, Peabody College, School of Medicine and School of Nursing. Please refer to the degree programs page to review the specific approved degree programs.


    Applicants must have been honorably discharged from one of the branches of the U.S. military prior to enrollment at the University. Admissions requirements and decisions will be determined by each school.


    Current plans allow for at least six recipients per year initially, with an anticipated size of around 40 once the Bass Military Scholars Program has been fully implemented. Application deadline for 2020-2021 school year is January 2020.


    • Answer several short questions regarding your military service.
    • Upload a 2-3 minute video personal statement (using smart-phone, tablet, or other video creation technology) that addresses the following prompt: “The Bass Military Scholars Program is designed to expand scholars’ intellectual horizons in pursuit of serving their communities and their country.  How do you see yourself contributing to those efforts while a student in this program and beyond?”
    • Upload a resume (highlighting your military experiences).
    • Provide a copy of your MEMBER 4 copy of the DD 214 [Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty] or national guard equivalent (if available); or to provide a letter from your current commander summarizing your military record.
    • Provide a letter of recommendation for consideration by the committee. We encourage you to obtain a letter of recommendation that directly addresses your suitability for the Bass Military Scholars Program, but you may instead choose to identify a recommendation from your school application.
    • Provide test scores: MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, Etcetera.  Please note that scores will be evaluated by the Bass Military Scholars Selection Committee even if they are not used by the school.

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  • Google Student Veteran Summit

  • Get an inside look at Google's culture and career opportunities at our flagship MBA veteran event.

    The Google Student Veteran Summit is open to student veterans entering their first or second year of their full-time, U.S.-based MBA program in Fall 2019. Eligible applicants must have served in one of the following United States Military Services: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy.

    Students will be selected to attend one all-expense paid two-day summit at one of the following locations: Google New York: July 26 - July 27, 2019 Google Mountain View: August 9 - August 10, 2019

    Each two-day summit will include: An inside look at Google’s unique culture of impact and collaboration Exposure to our MBA internship and full-time opportunities Professional development sessions, including resume and interview prep Opportunities to meet with members of Google’s Veteran Community, GSVS alumni, and Googlers from various functional areas

    Applications close May 24, 2019.

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  • Service Academies Global Summit

  • The Service Academies Global Summit (SAGS) is organized by alumni from all five U.S. service academies and is an annual professional refresher and a non-profit endeavor whose purpose it is to develop, inspire and promote fellowship, leadership/professional development and service for the “super-community” of graduates worldwide from the five U.S. service academies.

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  • USAFA Careers and Networking Group

  • This network is a professional tool for USAFA grads to connect, learn, and network for their careers post military service. This group was started to provide a forum for grads to share ideas, network, and help each other in their careers.

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  • USAFA Alumni | LinkedIn Group

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