Affinity Groups

AOG Affinity Groups are communities of USAFA alumni that actively communicate or gather around a shared affinity or bond.

Affinity groups will generally fall into three categories:

  • Identity-Based: i.e., Way of Life, The Blue Alliance, Academy Women, etc.
  • Interest/Career-Based: i.e., rated group, engineers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Cadet Experience-Based: i.e., Drum and Bugle alumni, Honor Guard alumni, Wings of Blue alumni, other sport/club team alumni, etc.

Groups interested in recognition as an Affinity Group must apply for formal status with the AOG and be wholly in line with the mission, goals, policies, and objectives of USAFA and the AOG do not compete with any other group of a similar nature.

Affinity Group Resources

Affinity Group Directory
Affinity Group Guides

Affinity Group Guides

Affinity Groups, this is your one stop shop for all Affinity Groups guides and resources. Below are informative guides for Affinity Groups in all life stages (starting out, maintaining, and growth).

Affinity Group Directory

Academy Women
Susan Feland
AF Letterwinners Club
Jim George
Hispanic Affinity Group
Nancy Chavez
Silver Falcons
Kirk Brown
The Blue Alliance
Daniel Dwyer ‘12
USAF Academy Gymnastics Affinity Group
Garry Dudley ’68 & Ken Kemper ‘90
Way of Life
Loyd Bradley
Zoomie Rugby Football Club
James R. Lamar '95
Zoomies Against Sexual Assault
Executive Director: Kelly Timmons '81