Garry Dudley Class Of 1968


Garry, a Class of 1968 Vietnam combat veteran, served 22 years flying five different aircraft and serving two tours in Security Police; one as a SQ/CC. The next 22 years were in civilian industry project management — the last 12 as president and CEO of Pocket PM, LLC, which he co-founded in 2001. Garry was elected president of AOG’s Class Advisory Senate, where he’s been ’68 Class Senator for 10 years. A former AOG board director, he also guest lectures in the Department of Management. Garry and Tina (bride of 50 years!) have two children and sponsor numerous cadets.

Candidacy Statement
As an officer, successful business owner, volunteer, CAS president and AOG board director, I have worked successfully with a wide range of people, including the AOG staff and USAFA leadership. I am a technology-adept team player/facilitator/leader with AOG Board experience and I bring needed context provided by my history of volunteering across multiple disciplines at USAFA. My availability and commitment to serve our graduate community enable me. Your vote will allow me to continue to serve. I have a perfect in-person attendance as CAS president and a board director. (My present term as a director expires January 2019.)