Class Rings

The Class Crest is one of the most treasured representations of class unity and class pride. Until graduation, the class will wear the ring with the class crest facing inward, closest to their hearts. After graduation, the ring is turned so that the Academy Crest is closest to the heart of an officer ready and willing to protect and defend with the training they have received. This is a unique tradition in which all graduates of the Academy are forever united. Through the blood and the sweat, the triumphs and the failures, they become brothers and sisters for life.

With financial support from the Class of 1968, the AOG has established a class ring display on the second floor of Doolittle Hall. This display is designed to include one graduate-worn ring from each class.

Anyone who wishes to donate a class ring should send it to the Association of Graduates. Donated rings can be claimed as a tax deduction. Donors will be provided a letter acknowledging the gift and noting that an average replacement cost for a ring is approximately $2,000. If you believe your ring is of higher value and wish to have proof of this for tax purposes, please have your ring appraised before you send it to the AOG.

Forged In Blue

Each year in August, Jostens and the AOG host the "Forged in Blue" program. Donated rings are melted, and the resulting "ingot" goes into the ring production for the current USAFA two-degrees’ rings, which they will put on for the first time at their Ring Dining-In the following May.

The Forged in Blue melt produces two ingots. One gold ingot goes into the current ring production, and the second ingot is saved and added to the following year’s Forged in Blue ring melt. Year after year, new class rings will always have a part of previous classes’ rings in them.

As more of us leave our rings to the Forged in Blue program, our class rings will eventually become a part of every living graduate’s class ring. We will all become connected and make the Long Blue Line that much stronger.

Rings can be donated at any time. As part of your estate planning, please consider designating your ring for this meaningful program. Donating your ring can be as easy as letting your family know your wish or putting it in your estate documents to the effect of:
"I bequest my Class of 1980 ring to the USAFA AOG for the 'Forged in Blue' program."

Download Estate Planning Letterhead

For questions feel free to contact the AOG Graduate Programs:

Find / Repair / Replace

Send an e-mail to the with the following information:

  • Where was the ring last seen?
  • What was the ring size?
  • What type and color of stone did you have?
  • What was inscribed on the inside?
  • Were there any identifying marks/scratches?

Keep your contact information up to date so we may find you if the ring is recovered.

Class Year
Jostens Rings (Repair/Replace)
Jostens Customer Service
148 E. Broadway
Owatonna, MN 55060
Balfour (Repair/Replace/Warranty)
Scott McCaslin, (303) 916-5759
Balfour and Art Carved Rings
Send Rings to:
3234 South Wadsworth Blvd, Unit C
Lakewood, CO 80227
Send Rings to:
Balfour Repair
Attn: Janie Trevino
7211 Circle S Road
Austin TX 78745
(Make sure you insure the shipment and have a tracking number)
Herff Jones Ring (Repair/Replace/Warranty)
Contact :
Robert 'Bob' Vaz
1-800-451-3304 Ext 401289
Website :
Send Rings to:
Herff Jones Customer Service
Attn: Bob Vaz
150 Herff Jones Way
Warwick, RI 02888
How to repair or replace rings

Graduates who need to have their Academy rings repaired or replaced should contact their class ring's manufacturer. Select your class year above to get your sepecific manufacturer.