Kevin Divers Class Of 1998


Kevin Divers, proud Mexican Blanco, has been Dominating the volunteer service world and has said at least 9 to 8 times that he is a peacock and you got to let him fly. Why such a statement? That is because while having a successful Air Force career getting the F-22 through development and being initial cadre for the first operation F-22 fighter squadron and doing many cool design and equipment development things since leaving active duty with two not so great air vehicle contact with ground incidents (neither his fault). He has found his most fun and rewarding experiences outside of raising a 2021 grad solo since that grad was almost 2 years old is volunteering to make things better for others. From the Zoo to an actual Zoo in Nashville it is all about the same of making sure those inside and outside who hold it close to their hearts feel appreciated, respected, rewarded, and together feel included no matter when they were a member of said Zoo. Sure, an MBA and some work on other Boards and being a Kentucky Colonel like Colonel Sanders brings some experience, but it is giving to Grads where he thrives!

Candidacy Statement

The Academy and Academy Prep School were foundational elements that blossomed the things instilled in me by my father and grandfather to serve others. I have hit full stride after working many volunteer activities such as Civil Air Patrol (currently Tennessee Wing Director of Cadet Programs), Middle Tennessee USAFA Parents Club (currently President), Tennessee Chapter of the AOG (currently President), Nashville Zoo (volunteer), and the SAFE Association (currently President elect). In each of these situations I have found how to work smarter and reward the volunteers more. Even working the Class of 1998 20th Reunion as SwagMaster General and other roles I know what it takes to make things worthwhile of membership and most of all what it takes to reinvigorate an organization. Let me be that for you on the Board of Directors, where it would be an honor to serve in order to bring out the most value and giving back from the AOG you have ever seen. I fight for the justice of others and see value in the person based on their active work and not their monetary contribution. I will serve to honor those who have wanted more value out of our AOG.