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Heather Wilson '82 was the first Air Force Academy graduate to be elected to Congress. Martha McSally '88 became the first Air Force Academy graduate to serve in the U.S. Senate when she was appointed in 2018.

Many USAFA grads have served their community in public office such as Charles Reed '70; Scott Hines '92; Greg Anders '85; Patrick "Kit" Bobko '91; Chris Calvert '70; Dr. Dave Hannan '73; James O. Icenhour Jr. '67; Ray Powell '83; Bob Smith '83; Robert E. Smith '61; Scott Souza '98; John Tree '90; Brinn Colenda '72; Kent Lambert '74; David Englin '96; Gregory Ball '01; Jonathan Keyser '04; Al Pichon '67; Chris Wasdin '89; James Whitmire '90; Dave Fujimoto '93; Longinos Gonzalez '92; Karl Rodefer '72; Casey Weinstein '04; Zahra Karinshak '89; Tommy Gregory '94; Mike Shower '90; Pat McGeehan '03; Priscilla Giddings '05; Mark Miloscia '80; Mike Thomas '68; Tim Ingle '86; Owen Hill '03; Darryl Glenn '88; Jon Kleve '01; Chris Paulson '69; Mike Rose '69; Bob Campbell '87; Marvin Dean Cox '75; August Pfluger '00; Don Davis '94 and more!

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Our graduates serve their nation in many ways. From the military to the public sector, the Long Blue Line is committed to supporting and protecting our great nation. The Association of Graduates is interested in hearing from any Air Force graduate who is currently serving or running for public office.

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