Award Recognition

Recognizing exceptional graduates

Below are some of the awards that honor the accomplishments of Air Force Academy graduates.

Leadership Achievement Award

The Leadership Achievement Award is the newest Award that a graduate can receive. Nominations are accepted for those 16 to 39 years from graduation in each given year. Having graduated and having distinguished themselves by obtaining a high level of professional accomplishment whether in military or civilian life, demonstrating excellence in all they do. They possess high standards of integrity and character to positively reflect and enhance the prestige of the United States Air Force Academy.

Distinguished Graduate Award

The Distinguished Graduate Award recognizes exceptional graduates who have set themselves apart by making extraordinarily significant contributions to our nation and/or their communities.

Jabara Award

Each year the U.S. Air Force Academy and the Association of Graduates present the Colonel James Jabara Award to an Academy graduate or graduates whose airmanship contributions are of great significance and set them apart from their contemporaries.

Young Alumni Excellence Award

Do you know a young alum who has distinguished himself or herself by obtaining a high level of professional or philanthropic achievement and who possesses high standards of integrity and character that positively reflect and enhance the prestige of the Air Force Academy? If so, this award is the perfect way to recognize them. If you would like to nominate an alum who has graduated recently from the Academy please see the link below.

Sullenberger Award for Courage

The Sullenberger Award for Courage was created to recognize a graduate with the following criteria:

  • Exemplary performance during a singular act, or series of events within a short duration of time, where the individual demonstrated an achievement well exceeding the expectations for that period of time
  • Incident exemplifies the Academy core values of – service before self, excellence in all we do, and integrity
  • Act of bravery can occur during a military, civilian, business sector, or community related event
  • The incident reflects positively on the Academy and is directly correlated to the training provided by the Academy

Valor Award

Shortly after the end of World War II, an annual Valor Award presentation was initiated by American Legion Aviators' Post No. 743 to recognize a military aviator who performed a feat of valor during the prior year as determined by an Aviators' Post panel. Learn more about USAFA grad award recipients.

Honorary Members

Honorary membership may be awarded to persons who have rendered outstanding and conspicuous service to the Air Force and/or the Academy.

Academy Heritage

Southeast Asia Pavilion

The pavilion along the Heritage Trail has already become a major point of interest for the Academy ...