Justin Loutfy Class Of 2016


Justin Loutfy is a proud graduate of the class of 2016 and an AOG member. Upon graduation from the Academy, Justin served as a Special Warfare Officer and Joint Terminal Attack Controller leading Air Force TACP members in close air support missions across the globe. While on active duty, Justin had the opportunity to lead men and women in combat and training missions in Iraq, Syria, Korea, and Kuwait. After the birth of his first daughter, Adrienne, Justin left active duty to pursue a career in operations. Currently, Justin is the Chief Operating Officer of Cherokee Wood Products.

Today Justin lives in Southern California with his wife Andrea and their two daughters Adrienne and Julia. In his free time, he loves competing in IRONMAN events and going on little adventures with his family. He frequently volunteers his time to give back to the veteran community through Elite Meet and 51 Vets, where he helps coach vets and grads through their transition to the civilian world.

Candidacy Statement

Over the past 15 years, I have been very fortunate. First, I was accepted to the USAFA Preparatory School as an E3/A1C. Then I was selected to commission as a TACP Officer. Both of which gave me the opportunity to lead men and women in the most stressful of situations and learn how to be decisive in times of chaos.

My upbringing in the Air Force provided me with unique leadership qualities that lead me to the position of COO of Cherokee Wood Products, a rapidly growing multimillion dollar company. My goal is to continue this momentum of growth by mentoring those within the AOG  community, to help their progression forward.

As an elected official, I will help strengthen our community by serving as a positive example as a USAFA graduate, therefore, creating a stronger network for future graduates. My professional background and experience can help secure funding under one nonprofit umbrella for the Academy and can be a voice for bringing together all generations of graduate and our cadets. Whether elected or not, I hope to make myself a bigger resource for our graduate community. I’m here to help.