Lee Krauth Class Of 1972


After Graduation I attended Duke Univ. Medical school and received my MD in Three Years (validating the First year because of the classes I had taken at USAFA). I then completed my Surgical Internship and Neurosurgical Residency at Wilford Hall USFA Medical center and Univ. of Colorado Medical Center.   I served as a Neurosurgeon at Landstuhl Regional Army Hospital in Germany, and then as Chief of Microvascular Neurosurgery at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. I then served as the Chief of Neurosurgery at The Colorado Neurological Institute in Denver, CO.  I also served 4 years in the Army Reserves until they closed Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Aurora. I was Secretary, Vice President, President, and Historian for the Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Assoc., Member of AANS.

I have strongly supported USAFA and the AOG since graduation. I’m a lifetime member of the AOG, Sabre Society, Polaris Society, 1954 Society, and Guidon Society.

My youngest son is a 3rd Classman at USAFA, and desires to serve as a Combat Rescue Officer in the Air Force. USAFA gave me the education, and more importantly the character development that allowed me to fulfill my lifelong dreams, and to serve our great nation and its citizens.  I’m fully committed to serving and supporting the USAFA and the AOG to make it the best it can be, and feel that my unique perspective can promote a positive dialogue amongst the other board members to help to achieve that goal.

Candidacy Statement

“Fortitudo per Aspera”     Throughout my career as a microvascular Neurosurgeon I’ve encountered much adversity.  The time constraints, stress, teamwork, attention to detail, integrity, and confidence instilled in us as cadets allowed me to excel in my profession and to faithfully serve others for my 40-year career.  I feel that my unique experiences can complement those who served selflessly as pilots, engineers, support staff, businessmen, etc. to funnel those experiences into wise board decisions.                         

I embrace the Mission of USAFA to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of CHARACTER in the Air and Space Forces. I feel that the recent “woke” agenda being forced on the Cadet Wing is divisive and counterintuitive to this mission. The manner in which this agenda has been introduced has stifled dialogue, rather than presented balanced and thoughtful debate. The Air Force has never tolerated nor condoned discrimination. We should not be lecturing cadets on Pronouns and “mom” and “dad” as being offensive.

We identify officers by Lt., Capt., Major, Col., General. Those titles have NO gender, race, etc. attached --- Just respect for the position in the Chain of Command. I currently have a son in the class of 2025 and have firsthand knowledge of the issues this curriculum is causing.

I’m running for the Board as a voice to interject common sense, and true science into the dialogue!   I would be honored to serve you as an AOG Board representative.