Two Complementary Organizations, One Shared Priority

It is perhaps impossible to overstate the importance of the vital relationship between the AOG and the Air Force Academy Foundation (formerly USAFA Endowment). These two nonprofit organizations complement each other in pursuing the collective good of the Air Force Academy. While the Association seeks to broaden the Academy community of supporters and to communicate the Academy's value to the Air Force and to the country, the Air Force Academy Foundation is focused on value-driven fund raising to support large-scale capital construction projects, cadet programs, and other key strategic initiatives that will provide the Academy an extra measure of fiscal robustness to help endure hard budgetary times.

Together, both organizations are dedicated to the support of cadet and graduate programs, and to the sustainment of excellence crucial to the Academy's continuing reputation as an institution that produces leaders of character for our service and our nation.

Serving the Long Blue Line

Since its official creation in 1965, the USAFA Association of Graduates (AOG) has developed, expanded and refined an exceptional array of services and capabilities dedicated to assisting and supporting Academy grads, cadets, parents, families and the community at large.

As the alumni association for the Air Force Academy we host class reunions, publish the award-winning alumni magazine, preserve Academy heritage, provide career services and so much more!

Looking Forward, Giving Back

The Air Force Academy Foundation raises private funds to support and develop Academy programs that would not otherwise be fully funded by the government.

Your gifts help our exceptional cadets and graduates reach new heights by supporting cadet "margin of excellence" programs, providing vital programs and services for graduates, and advancing Academy strategic needs and capital projects.

Join Us, Support USAFA

Your membership helps the Association of Graduates best serve the Long Blue Line, but your involvement also brings with it many rewards of membership.

We honor the heritage, history, and legacy of the U.S. Air Force Academy and its accomplished graduates.

A bright future for our Academy and our nation is not without cost. This future is established by our vision, assured by our collective commitment and galvanized by our resolve.

Falcon Foundation

Also sharing headquarters with us at Doolittle Hall is the Falcon Foundation. Its purpose is to provide scholarships to college or preparatory schools for motivated young people seeking admission to USAFA and a career in the Air Force. Learn more about the Falcon Foundation at