Bob Lowe Class Of 1971


Colonel (retired) Bob Lowe (USAFA ’71) served 26 years in command and staff positions at Squadron, Wing, USTRANSCOM, Air Staff and OSD levels. A command pilot, Bob logged almost 4,000 hours, primarily in the C-130. His staff assignments included Headquarters USAF Chief of the Air Mobility Forces Division and Air Mobility Resources Allocation Team for the USAF Budget, USTRANSCOM Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense Chief of Staff of the Bosnia Task Force. He earned a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Utah. From 1997- 2016, he had a second career with Lockheed Martin in Business Development marketing the AC/HC/MC-130J to ACC and AFSOC. Bob was an Academy AOC/Group AOC/94th Airmanship Training Squadron Commander 1983-1987 and served on the AOG Board of Directors 1984- 87, 1993-97 and 2019-2023. Bob and his wife of 52 years, Marybeth, live in  Atlanta, Georgia. Their sons, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew ('95) and Colonel Patrick ('01), served as career USAF officers. Their daughter, Kate, and her family live in Atlanta. Bob and Marybeth enjoy their 10 grandchildren. Bob is a lifetime member of the AOG and a 35+ year Sabre Society donor.

Candidacy Statement

     I would be honored to serve again on the AOG Board of Directors. I have been a strong, lifelong advocate of the Academy and served a 4- year tour at USAFA from 1983-87. We have 2 sons (Matt ’95 and Patrick ’01) and a daughter-in-law (Kendra Marks Lowe ’01) who graduated from the Academy.

     The AOG Board of Directors and the AOG Staff have accomplished much the past 4 years:  

  • Membership for all Graduates
  • Provided financial backing to make the Northgate Visitor Center/Hotel a reality                                             
  • Made solid partnerships with USAFA’s 5 other supporting foundations so that someday they will all be under the Foundation umbrella, and we will have only ONE Academy fund raising organization
  • Established a closer alignment between the AOG and Foundation
  • Implemented single AOG and Foundation CEO, President and CFO       

     We still have a lot to do.  Priorities include Making sure we provide World Class support to our Graduates and Cadets, improving our engagement and communication and working to ensure the AOG is a meaningful partner in all major Cadet events from Acceptance thru Graduation.  The AOG and Long Blue Line (LBL) should have a positive impact and be well known to the Cadets throughout their Academy experience.  

     I am now retired and can dedicate my time to the AOG.    I previously served on the AOG BOD from 1984-87, 1993-97, 2019-2023 and look forward to the opportunity to serve for a final term. I have been a Sabre level donor for more than 35 years and will soon be a legacy donor.  I can never fully repay the Academy for the opportunities provided to my family. I would greatly appreciate your support.   God Bless.