Cathy Almand Class Of 1990


Lt Col (ret) Cathy Almand, Class of 1990, grew up in the Washington, DC area.  Her high school guidance counselor suggested she apply for Summer Seminar, introducing Cathy to USAFA.  After graduation, she served as a Services officer and C-141B pilot until transitioning to the Reserves as an Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) in 2000.  Cathy has 7,000+ hours of flight time and currently flies the B-787 and coordinates a sponsor program for new-hire pilots at her airline. She and her husband, Dave (‘90, Colonel, ret) have two college-aged sons, and live in Dallas where she continues as an ALO in retirement as a way to give back and encourage the next generation to serve.

Candidacy Statement

My husband and I are both 1990 grads. The future of our Academy is important to us all.  I have actively supported USAFA as an ALO for 22+ years, even now as a retiree.  I am the 1990 CAS Senator, serving as a bridge between generations of graduates.  We are very involved in the North TX AOG, in leadership roles and connecting with fellow grads.  I volunteer with Women In Aviation International to encourage women and girls pursuing aviation, including the AF. We host an annual Girls in Aviation Day for 1,500+ attendees!  Additionally, I am the deputy chair of my airline’s sponsor program which will mentor 2,200 new-hire pilots this year.

As many of you can probably relate, I feel I owe so much of who I am today to my experiences as a cadet. These opportunities should be available to all current and future cadets as well.  I hope to support USAFA leadership and their efforts to develop war fighters while ensuring all are treated with dignity and respect!