PJ Putnam Class Of 1989


PJ Putnam is a results-oriented Business Executive with extensive experience analyzing, structuring, negotiating, and closing sophisticated domestic and international transactions in high- and low-tech industries. PJ has experience as a CEO, COO, and GC while working with companies that range from the startups to Fortune 1000 companies.

Additionally, he is both a published writer and an award-winning film producer – PJ’s latest film Hiding in Plain Sight has won many film awards with its call to end transient homelessness.

PJ earned his law degree from SMU; studied international law at Oxford, U.K.; earned an MBA from UNM; and, a bachelor’s degree from USAFA.

As a surgery technician with Medical Ministries International, PJ worked in a field hospital in Ecuador.

And, he is a graduate of the TechStars Boot Camp for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Georgetown University.

As the Vice President of one of the largest private videogame developers in the world, PJ was able to work with both iconic movie brands and develop new IP.

Earlier, PJ was business consultant and a USAF Pilot with over 3,000 flight hours. Then, PJ wrote code and programmed simulations for the DOE.

Now, he runs his own software development company.

Candidacy Statement

My passion is helping veterans and keeping others from feeling helpless and rejected.

I graduated in 1989 and soon achieved my life’s goal to be a pilot.

In 1997, I was in an accident that broke my neck.

My life was immediately and drastically changed … I lost my military career, my dream of serving our country, my livelihood, and my identity.

During my physical recovery, I completed my MBA, which I had started prior to the accident.

While still recovering, I was involuntarily medically separated from the Air Force. I fought the involuntary medical separation but was not allowed to remain in the Air Force.

It was at that time that I vowed help others make a living – individually and through their companies.

Almost twenty years later, I am still living that vow because I don’t want anyone to feel as helpless and dejected as I did when I, so quickly, lost everything.

I have been a Big Brother, a Scoutmaster, and a volunteer attorney; and I produced a film, Hidden in Plain Site, to help end transient homelessness.  I have written bills for the Texas legislature regarding veteran rights.

Your vote will allow me to help others.