Marc Catalano Class Of 2006


Marc Catalano (Class of 2006), a former AC-130U Instructor Pilot, now flies as a Boeing 737 First Officer for a major airline. Marc, his wife Rachel, and their three kids; Ava (10), Pierce (7), and Wren (4) live in Woodbury, CT, where he has started a second career as a Systems Engineer for a large aerospace company. During his 12 active duty years with the Air Force, Marc engaged in seven combat deployments on the AC-130H Spectre and AC-130U Spooky gunships, receiving various awards, including 9 Air Medals and a Humanitarian Medal. A pivotal moment in Marc’s Air Force career was being recognized by his crew members for his unique leadership style and desire to accomplish more than the assigned mission, thus earning the nickname “Rogue 43.” This frame of mind enabled Marc to perform the duties of Aircraft Commander on an AC-130U mission over Northern Iraq that eliminated 21 enemy combatants and freed 200 human shields held by ISIS, earning him the 2018 Colonel James Jabara Award for Airmanship.

Candidacy Statement

Fellow Graduates and Members of the Long Blue Line, I’m seeking your support for a position on the AOG’s Board of Directors. During my recent trip to USAFA for the Col James Jabara Award ceremony, I had the privilege of interacting with the cadets in various capacities. I was profoundly impacted by their desire to hear more about the “real” Air Force and the impact graduates are having in the world. I, like many of you, focused heavily on my career and future path in the years following graduation, but I have come to realize that the institution that shaped me into the leader I am today deserves my attention and respect. I was fundamentally molded by the hardships I endured during my time at 7258’ and am looking to give back in some capacity to the best of my ability. If I am elected to serve on the Board of Directors, my mission would be to join together past, present, and future generations of cadets through our stories, to inspire active involvement post-graduation with the Academy, our goals, and our legacy.