Loyd Bradley Class Of 2014


Captain Loyd A. Bradley, Jr ‘14. is the proud son of army veteran, Sergeant Major (Ret.) Loyd and Sonya Bradley, Sr. Loyd is a cost analyst for the B-21 program at the Rapid Capabilities Office located in Washington, D.C. Upon graduation, Loyd has served as a finance officer at various duty locations. Loyd served as an Installation Financial Services – Flight Commander, Deputy Budget Officer and as a Cost Analyst. Excelling as a company grade officer, he has earned recognition at the Squadron, Base, and Major Command levels. Loyd was introduced to service by his parents and is dedicated to the betterment of others – the personnel who serve with him, our Air Force, and local communities. He has served on the board of directors for multiple non-profit organizations and held various fundraisers for under-privileged youth. Most notable, he was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center – Alaska’s largest community health center; and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Board of Directors while simultaneously, serving on the Chamber’s finance committee. His commitment to community has gained him recognition by state and U.S. officials. His younger brother, Brandon ’17, is also a USAFA graduate and AOG member.

Candidacy Statement

I am honored to run for the AOG Board of Directors, an organization that has created immense value in my life as a cadet and a graduate. As the Way of Life Alumni Group president, an affinity group of the AOG, I have worked closely with the AOG on multiple issues surrounding cadet and graduate relations. It is my intention to continue to be an advocate for the needs of our cadets and our graduates so we can continue to build a strong commitment to our institution beyond graduation. Throughout my career I’ve demonstrated a lifelong commitment to service, integrity and excellence. I bring the experience of serving on multiple non-profit boards of directors and both a Congressman and a Senator’s Academy Selection Committee. With honor, I am confident my election to and service on the USAFA AOG Board will help to continue the Academy’s legacy of excellence.