David Englin Class Of 1996


David Englin (English) ’96 is COO of the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, leading a combined workforce of 8,000 employees and volunteers serving 10 million people in 88 cities throughout Los Angeles County. A former Air Force Public Affairs OfficerEnglin served three terms in the Virginia House of Delegates, representing more than 80,000 constituents in the fun part of Alexandria and parts of Arlington and Fairfax. He served as Executive Vice President of the Los Angeles County Business Federation, mobilizing the collective voices of more than 275,000 employers throughout Southern California. He also ran his own strategic planning, advocacy, and communications firm, helping nonprofits and businesses to achieve policy outcomes. Englin was raised on Air Force bases in Europe by a single mom who was a teacher in the Department of Defense school system. He and his wife, Shayna, met on the steps of the Jewish Cadet Chapel when she was visiting her brother, Ely Wolin ’98. They have one son, who is a crew chief on MQ-9 Reapers, and live outside of Los Angeles with their two giant dogs, Brut (like the champagne) and Sarge, where they enjoy whiskey, cooking, and planning their post-pandemic world travels. 

Candidacy Statement

My background as a legislator, business owner, strategy consultant, and nonprofit executive give me a broad perspective on organizational leadership and board governance, and specific experience with member engagement and program development, that I hope you agree will make me an effective member of the AOG Board of Directors. But that’s not why Im asking for your vote. The AOG does a nice job tapping into nostalgia for our alma mater, with a particular focus on enhancing the cadet experience. But a newly commissioned lieutenant values different things than a mid-career or retired officer, who values different things than graduates who serve their commitment and then transition to civilian life. Other premier institutions create ongoing value for their graduates through compelling programing that meets graduates’ needs at different stages of their post-graduate lifecycle. Done well, these strategies give your degree stronger cache, even decades after graduation, and connect you to the institution not only through nostalgia but by offering you something you need and value today. The AOG has made small steps in the right direction. Contact me at david.englin@gmail.com for more on my ideas and to share your own. Together we can help the AOG serve graduates better.