Cameron Shinabarker Class Of 2008


Cameron Shinabarker, Class of 2008, is a software executive who has spent the bulk of his career in sales and leadership roles in technology. He currently leads strategic partnerships for a mid-size software firm focused on the Integrated Workplace Management System market. Cameron was medically retired after spending three and a half years on active duty after which he successfully transitioned into Corporate America earlier than planned and into an industry with sparse service academy representation. He has tremendous experience assessing business opportunities, aligning internal and external stakeholders, negotiating contracts, and building strong partnerships. Cameron currently resides in Orlando with his wife Kim, Class of 2009, and their growing family while she completes her final year of medical school. Cameron earned an MS in Finance and an MBA from Indiana University. 

Candidacy Statement

Cancer and a variety of physical injuries led me to a shorter than expected but, nonetheless, fruitful Air Force career. However, my candidacy is not about me. Rather, this role is about serving the entire graduate community that is positively impacting America in the military and civilian sectors. You all truly humble me and make me proud of our alma mater. I offer a genuine love for our institution, a passion to serve my fellow alumni, and a deep appreciation for how USAFA prepares graduates to be the leaders our country needs and deserves. I believe that my transition into a business completely unrelated to defense and aviation will provide a balancing perspective for the board. Additionally, my financial/business acumen and experience forging strong partnerships makes me well suited to advise on diverse Board matters with a keen eye to the customer – the Long Blue Line.