Boyd Fritzsche Class Of 2008


Boyd Fritzsche is currently the deputy hospital administrator for the 21st Medical Group. Boyd holds two master’s degrees from Baylor University and is board certified through the Healthcare Financial Management Association. He completed a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic and served two overseas tours. As a cadet, his proudest accomplishment was serving as the official voice of the class of 2008 - announcing countless parades and intercollegiate events without any slip ups! He shares the Long Blue Line with his father (Bruce, ’75), uncle (Mark, ’77), and cousin (Garrett, ’16). His father-in-law is AFA Hall of Fame Coach Rich Gugat.

Candidacy Statement

Connection. Heritage. Cohesion. In preparation for the election, I reached out to a broad range of graduates: from retired senior officers to active duty CGOs, as well as many who have chosen to serve their community in the private sector. Additionally, I had productive and challenging conversations with past and present board members. In all these exchanges there was abundant pride for the Academy and a strong desire to see it prosper. The AOG should be the principal resource for grads to easily connect with and support each other throughout our post-Academy lives. It should also be the steward of our heritage, protecting and preserving what makes our Academy unique, and connects the 18-year-old SMACK to the Long Blue Line. I support the single CEO model and envision the AOG and Foundation as a strong two-horse cart sprinting in the same direction. To that end, I support a cohesive approach to alumni, community, and donor relations, and I will represent the membership in doing so. Finally, I am humbled by the impressive credentials of my fellow candidates, and though my resume might be comparatively nascent, rest assured I will bring a fresh perspective and drive towards connection, heritage, and cohesion