Johnny Whitaker Class Of 1973


Johnny Whitaker, Class of 1973, has nearly 43 years’ expertise in USAF and corporate aerospace public affairs and communications. With nearly 30 active duty years, he served in PA/communications leadership positions at the wing, MAJCOM and SECAF levels, including as deputy director of all Air Force PA. He was a support group commander. For five years, he served as the Academy’s first civilian director of communications during sexual assault, honor and religious respect scandals; his organization also was liaison between the Academy and AOG. He was also a director of communications for Lockheed Martin from 2008 until his retirement in 2016.

Candidacy Statement
I am honored to be a candidate to serve on our AOG’s Board of Directors. I will bring a different perspective to the board based on my extensive leadership expertise in USAF and corporate communications, and as commander of a major organization. My service included being USAFA’s communications director during the highly visible sexual assault, honor and religious respect scandals of 2003-08. In this role, I also served as liaison between the Academy, the AOG and alumni community. I began and ended my Air Force career at USAFA; now, I seek your vote to continue it with the AOG.