John Buckley Class Of 1977


John Buckley, Class of 1977, lives in Colorado Springs. He flew the F-106 and other fighters. He served at USAFA in all four mission elements, including as an AOC. He commanded the USAF’s first space test and aggressor squadron before retiring as an O-5. He graduated from Harvard Law, and practiced law and did business in the Arab Gulf. Upon returning to Colorado Springs, he established a boutique law practice, working with his wife, Melinda. He volunteers in numerous capacities, serving his community and the Academy. John and Melinda have six children and 10 grandchildren between them.

Candidacy Statement
USAFA opened the world to this kid from Kentucky. I traveled, flew amazing aircraft (including the MIG-29), and did wonderful things in service to our Republic. I am grateful for the opportunities I received as a result of standing beside you then. Now I want to serve on the board of your AOG. I still serve at USAFA, including lecturing at character symposiums in years past. In my law practice, I aid graduates in giving back through charitable giving. I advise charities on planning and governance. I desire to make a difference for our AOG. I ask for your vote.