Derek Oaks Class Of 1991


Derek Oaks is a member of the Class of 1991. Born into an Air Force family, I spent the first 48 years of my life around the Air Force mission. For me, USAFA was the only choice for college, and not a day goes by where I am not grateful for the opportunities, challenges, friendships and lessons that I received from the Academy. In the Air Force, I flew C-130s, C-17s and A-10s, and commanded at the flight, squadron and operations group levels. Since the Air Force, I’ve consulted, flown, managed projects, and looked to pass on some of the skills and leadership traits that USAFA taught me.

Candidacy Statement
USAFA has always been a part of my life. As a youth when my dad was an AOC in the 1960s, to watching the basic cadets of ’83 stand in honor of the Class of ’59 during their first reunion, followed by my years as a cadet and nearly 30 years since, I have loved the thrill, challenges and friendships of the Air Force and this group. I always planned to return to give back, but the Air Force had other plans. Now that I have the chance, I would be honored to serve for, with and around each of you.