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We have walked a mile in your shoes. As former cadet parents, we realize how exciting, emotional and challenging these cadet years will be for you and your family. We know that sending a child off to college is stressful and that sending them off to a military academy makes it all the harder. We also realize how little accurate information is available to you regarding what is happening at the Academy. Check out the links below for resources you can use all year long to stay informed and connected.

Do you know WebGuy?

For parents of new cadets entering basic training, WebGuy becomes your new best friend! During the academic year WebGuy is a window into cadet life with our blog and photo galleries.

WebGuy is not just for new parents, it is a year round program providing a glimpse into Academy life! Follow WebGuy all four years and enjoy a sneak peek into all of the opportunities that come with the cadet's Academy experience. Sign up now!

Parent Handbook

Check out the 2017-2018 Parent Handbook (pdf) which includes helpful resources, USAFA terms, a list of parent clubs, a map of the Academy, a cadet calendar to plan trips home and more!

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First Steps


The journey starts here at Doolittle Hall ...


Basic Cadets take on Jacks Valley during the most grueling portion of Basic Cadet Training ...

Acceptance Day

Cadets who have endured the riggors of Basic Cadet Training ...

Parents' Weekend

Learn more about Parents' Weeekend ...

Parent Resources

USAFA Parents Clubs are located throughout the country and serve as a support network for parents and cadets alike.

If you are interested in learning more about going to the Air Force Academy, check out the Academy Admissions website.

For parents of new cadets entering basic training, WebGuy becomes your new best friend!