"Inprocessing" occurs on the last Thursday in June. That's the day that your son or daughter becomes a cadet. The appointee generally will need to arrive on Wednesday and you have the choice of bringing him/her here or sending your appointee alone, at government expense. What should you do?

This is not like other colleges where you can help move them in. Here you get to say goodbye at Doolittle Hall, our alumni house, and watch them drive away. You can do the same thing at your local airport. We estimate that about 50% of the appointees are brought by their parents. Certainly,if you can afford the time and the expense of traveling to Colorado Springs in June and then again over Labor Day weekend for Parents Weekend, go ahead and do it. If you cannot afford two trips, Parents Weekend is when you'll be able to spend the most time with your cadet.

If your child comes unaccompanied, consider using the AOG Bed and Breakfast Program. We will pair your cadet with a local family (usually families of graduates or Academy staff members) who will pick up your cadet, host them for the night and deliver them to Doolittle Hall for Inprocessing the next day. Last year we served over 450 cadets.

If you bring your son or daughter for Inprocessing you will enjoy the amenities of Doolittle Hall, our alumni house. Inprocessing, and the cadet experience, begins here. Our staff will offer you refreshments, information and even some souvenir merchandise. We seek to make this transition as comfortable for you as possible.

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