Award Winning Communications

Our communications staff is perhaps closest to the heartbeat of the organization. It is communication, after all, that helps facilitate many of our services to the outside community. We have many tools for accomplishing this task. In 2020, AOG communications won 21 CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) awards for print, video and digital news achievements. In all, the Communications Department has received 100 awards for quality over the past seven years.

Checkpoints Alumni Magazine

Checkpoints is published in March, June, September and December and is filled with pages of information about graduates, cadets and the Academy. It is the only magazine of its kind for the Academy and is mailed to all members of the AOG.

Beyond the printed page, Checkpoints Online includes bonus articles, featured videos and photo galleries.

Long Blue Line Guide

Read our Long Blue Line Guide to get acquainted with the many programs and efforts our organizations are involved in.


is our electronic newsletter designed to showcase the latest events and achievements of the Air Force Academy, Foundation, cadets, athletics and the graduate community. As cadets, graduates and faculty continue to make news whether it be on a national or local scale we share their stories in ZoomiEnews. Stay in touch with what's happening at USAFA.

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Polaris Yearbooks

Find your class Polaris yearbook online.

Media Kit

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The alumni magazine is an award-winning publication for excellence in university magazine publication ...