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Web Services

Unlike other colleges, you won't get to move your cadet into their room, or meet the roommates, or even talk to them for three weeks after they enter the Inprocessing line.

Where are they going and what are they doing? "WebGuy" will tell you.

The AOG provides each incoming class with a webpage and WebGuy will give you a small window through which to view the cadet world including explanations of activities and even a few snapshots of basic cadets in action.

Spirit and Pride Merchandise

While visiting the Academy, don't forget to drop by Doolittle Hall to get your squadron pins, parent lapel pins and Air Force Academy apparel to show your pride at having your son or daughter at one of the country's most prestigious institutions. You can also buy most items through our Online Store. You can also support cadets by purchasing fundraising items directly from USAFA parent clubs through the AOG's Parent Product Clearinghouse.

Directory Assistance

Need to talk to someone at the Academy? The Academy can be a bewildering place and the AOG will help you make sense of it. We don't claim to be able to answer all of your questions but we will help direct you to the Academy office or staff person who should have the answer. Try the Academy website first. If you still need directory assistance, call AOG customer service at (719) 472-0300, or send an email to



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