The AOG is dedicated to keeping you informed and engaged with USAFA through activities, programs and publications. Contributing members receive additional opportunities to connect. See below for information about our AOG Family Plan program.

  • Family Plan Membership Details
    • Family Plan is set up on a 48-month payment plan at $39 per month.
      *12-month minimum commitment
    • Payments are split: $29 pays for parent membership and $10, which is tax-deductible, goes into a Cadet Enrichment Fund that provides direct support for your cadet while they are at the Academy.
    • Upon completion of the 48th payment, you will be awarded Life Membership of the AOG.
  • Family Plan Membership Benefits
    • 15% Discount online and in-store at our AOG Gift Shop
    • Our award-winning, quarterly magazine: Checkpoints
    • Unlimited access to our WebGuy program (details below)
    • Parent Membership Guide
    • Zoomie Delivery Service
    • AOG Parent & Family App
    • Click here for a full list of membership benefits
  • Husky Club Membership Details
    • Husky Club is set up on a 10-month payment plan at $29 per month.
      *10-month minimum commitment
    • Upon completion of the 10th payment, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your membership to Family Plan.
  • Do you still have questions about our Family Plan or Husky Club Program?

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WebGuy is a program developed by the Association of Graduates to provide photo and video documentation of the cadet experience at the Air Force Academy. Our cameras give members a front row seat as the action unfolds from Basic Cadet Training through graduation.

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We know that sending a child off to college is stressful and that sending them off to a military academy makes it all the harder. We also realize how little accurate information is available to you regarding what is happening at the Academy. Our Parents Portal provides resources you can use all year long to stay informed and connected.

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