Welcome Class of 2024!

Congratulations on accepting your appointment to the United States Air Force Academy! We're the Association of Graduates (AOG) and we are here to support you, your family, your Academy and the graduates who have gone before you. We will be with you throughout your Academy experience, your Air Force career and beyond.

Welcome Class of 2024 Parents and Family!

We are the Association of Graduates - the United States Air Force Academy's alumni association. We are located at Doolittle Hall. We invite you to visit the beautiful Heritage Trail, located on the grounds adjacent to Doolittle Hall. The trail serves as a visual reminder of the lives and accomplishments of the Academy's proud Long Blue Line. While you're visiting Doolittle Hall, be sure to check out our Gift Shop where you will find Air Force Academy and Class of 2024 merchandise.

Since its official creation in 1965, the USAFA Association of Graduates has developed, expanded and refined an exceptional array of services and capabilities dedicated to assisting and supporting Academy grads, cadets, parents, families and the community at large. As the alumni association for the Air Force Academy, we host class reunions, publish the award-winning alumni magazine Checkpoints, preserve Academy heritage, provide career services and offer so much more!

Vision of the Association of Graduates

The Association of Graduates (AOG) is the primary organization of United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) graduates and friends of the Academy, dedicated to supporting USAFA's mission of building leaders of character for the Air Force and the nation, and providing service and support to graduates, friends and cadets.

Mission of the Association of Graduates

To pursue our vision and to serve and support the United States of America, the United States Air Force, the United States Air Force Academy, and the graduate community by:

  • Working in partnership with the Academy to produce and foster graduates with an enduring commitment to integrity, excellence and service to country.
  • Providing leadership, communication and support to all Academy graduates and promoting camaraderie among them.
  • Promoting the Academy’s heritage, our common traditions and the accomplishments of our graduates.

When you support the mission of the AOG through our Family Plan membership package, you AND your future USAFA cadet will enjoy:

  • A lifelong connection to USAFA:
    • Family Plan membership includes a parent membership as well as a life membership for your cadet
    • Family Plan is set up on a 48-month payment plan at $36 per month
      • Payments are split: $20 pays for parent membership and $16 pays for cadet membership
      • Upon completion of the 48th payment, you AND your cadet have a paid-in-full life membership

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Class of 2024 Parents: Show your support for the mission of the Association of Graduates by purchasing a Family Plan membership today!

USAFA Graduates: please call our Membership Department at 719-472-0300, x108 for access to WebGuy.

Suggested Items

Book - Count The Helmets?
You’ve reached your goal and received your Appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.
Congratulations!  We all know what a grind it can be.  So, given all the information, facts, figures and pictures you’ve seen, and the countless hours of discussions, speeches, and counseling you’ve received along the way that got you to this point, why should any appointee read Count The Helmets?
Because we all needed a final gut check before we launched into this huge step in our lives… and so do you.  This book, like no other, will help you make a better, more informed decision about whether the AFA is the right place for you… or not.  Good luck!

Video A Year in the Blue
Experience the first ever feature length documentary of the Air Force Academy. This film follows the class of 2014 through their first year here at the Academy.  A Year in the Blue portrays the life inside the Academy – the heartbreaks and triumphs of balancing military training, a rigorous four-year college education, mandatory athletics, and more.

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