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To tell the best Air Force Academy stories, we need to keep in contact with those making things happen on base and within the graduate community. Please contact us with your big news or story ideas.

Letter Guidelines

Checkpoints welcomes the feedback of its readers. The editorial staff reserves the right to limit the number of letters on a particular topic, decide on the publication of letters and edit letters for length and accuracy. Letters may include corrections, clarifications or criticisms of specific content. To be considered for publication, letters must:

  • Reference content that was published in Checkpoints within the past two issues.
  • Be 400 or fewer words in length.
  • Include the writer’s name, telephone number and graduation year (if an Academy graduate) and be emailed to

Letters will not be published if they contain any information that is promotional in nature, are from anonymous authors, or contain personal attacks.

Check in with Checkpoints

Checking in with Checkpoints - Budapest

Send us a hi-res (300 dpi) digital image of you and your Checkpoints magazine at a unique locale (say on top of Mount Kilimanjaro) or cool event (like at the World Series) and your photo could end up on the State of Mind page in the magazine. Include your name, city and state, class year, and a short note about what you are doing and email the goods to We look forward to hearing from (and seeing!) our loyal readers. Checkpoints reserves the right to select which photos will be published and to edit any written material that is submitted.

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