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Checkpoints magazine is the Association of Graduates' signature communications piece. From its humble beginnings as a black and white news print in 1965 to the award-winning publication you are reading today, the magazine has evolved into a visual showcase of USAFA. Yet despite its evolutionary track across the decades, this publication still seeks the same objective that it did at the time of its inception: to tell the Academy and graduate stories.

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Dec 2023

Content in the December issue of Checkpoints includes a story on two USAFA graduates — Lt. Col. (Ret.) Mike Masucci '85 and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Kelly Latimer '87 — who teamed up on a commercial space flight with Virgin Galactic in November; an update on the Defining Our Future comprehensive campaign; the first in a series of stories related to USAFA's Institute for Future Conflict; and a piece on a Civil Air Patrol pilot who helps fly counterdrug flights along the southern border.

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