Honorary Members

Outstanding service to the Air Force Academy

Honorary membership may be awarded to persons who have rendered outstanding and conspicuous service to the Air Force and/or the Academy. Honorary members must be recommended by a member of the Board and receive unanimous acceptance by all members present at a quorum of the Board. Honorary membership is restricted to twenty-five (25) living persons. Honorary members will not pay dues but will be eligible for all the benefits accruing to membership.

Honorary Member Benefits

  • One-year recognition in the Air Force Academy Foundation’s 1954 Society
    • The 1954 Society honors those who have financially supported the Academy for three or more years. Members receive a digital copy of Leading Edge for first year of 1954 Society.
  • Checkpoints Magazine
    • Honorary Members will be recognized with Legacy Graduate Life Members and receive a hard copy and online access to our award-winning AOG Alumni magazine Checkpoints.
  • 25% discount on one AOG Shop purchase each quarter.
  • Official recognition of Honorary Member status at special events.
  • Member Only Updates and Invitations
    • Receive member only updates through our bi-monthly ZoomiEnews, invitation to ZoomieBrief Speaker Panels, and member events like Distinguished Graduate Dinner, Grad March Back, Tailgates and more!
  • This membership does not include the right to vote.

As of November 2023, the following is a list of Honorary Members.

Name Date Awarded
Gail McComas* 04/07/1981
Robert Smith* 10/12/1983
Barry Goldwater* 04/18/1984
Frieda Weber* 01/08/1985
William Tutt* 04/01/1986
James Conboy* 03/04/1986
Joseph Reich* 03/04/1986
Russell Tutt* 05/06/1986
James Doolittle* 12/02/1989
Joseph Moller* 05/06/1989
Harold Littrell* 08/22/1992
William Lyon* 08/22/1992
Robert McDermott* 08/22/1992
Norma Nottingham 05/07/1994
Donald Barrett* 02/10/1995
James Bowman* 11/11/1994
Harold Stuart* 02/10/1995
Malham Wakin 02/10/1995
Benjamin Bellis* 02/10/1995
Dorothy Moller* 11/17/1995
Gregory Kolligian* 05/10/1997
John Kirkpatrick* 02/07/1998
Ben Martin* 11/12/1999
AP Clark* 05/12/2001
Fisher DeBerry 05/12/2001
William Hybl 07/14/2001
Philip Erdle* 11/16/2001
Winfield Scott* 11/02/2002
James McCarthy 08/07/2004
Nancy Burns 05/14/2005
Edmund L. Ladouceur 05/06/2011
Benjamin Cassiday* 05/04/2012
Janet A. Edwards 08/03/2012
Dean Wilson* 02/01/2013
Gregory Lengyel 05/02/2014
Andrew P. Armacost 08/02/2019
John W. Rosa 11/08/2019
Orwyn "O" Sampson 08/07/2020
Philip D. Caine 04/05/2021
Dale O. Condit 07/22/2022
Harvey Schiller 10/21/2022
James H. Head 02/22/2023
Erlind G. Royer 02/22/2023
Gene Miranda 5/12/2023
Thomas Kroboth 5/12/2023
Bob Vasquez 10/13/2023

* Indicates Member is Deceased

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