Single CEO Position

Are you interested in applying for the position of single CEO of the USAFA Association of Graduates and Air Force Academy Foundation (formerly USAFA Endowment)? Review the success profile below and Single President & CEO Agreement document, then email resume to by January 15, 2020, for consideration. For questions, please contact

Single CEO Success Profile

Job Description:  This first CEO of the USAFA Association of Graduates (AOG) and Air Force Academy Foundation (formerly USAFA Endowment) will be a transformational leader, directing both organizations and managing resources to ensure the ongoing success of each.  This leader will show no preference for one organization over the other and will bring the AOG, Air Force Academy Foundation, and their respective staffs into a more collaborative relationship that fulfills their robust missions.  The CEO will ensure a culture of service continues to flourish within each organization.  The CEO will have operational control over an integrated staff that performs the graduate, heritage, development, stewardship, and USAFA support functions. The CEO will report jointly to the AOG Board of Directors and the Air Force Academy Foundation Board of Directors.

The CEO will:

  • Serve as CEO of each organization and comply with the Single CEO Agreement signed by the AOG and Air Force Academy Foundation Chairs.
  • Lead and have general and active control of each organization’s affairs and business.
  • Lead, supervise, and manage each organization’s officers, agents, and employees.
  • Develop a consolidated strategic plan to be approved by each Board and include individual (AOG and Air Force Academy Foundation) operating plans, operating budgets, and goals to cover the needs and programs of each organization.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness and continue to improve on aligning alumni operations and fundraising.
  • Create a culture of transparency, collaboration and excellence between the AOG and Air Force Academy Foundation, as well as with the other supporting non-profits.
  • Present a single face to the Academy, cadets, graduates, members, donors, and friends of the Academy.
  • Enhance the long-term financial security of both organizations.
  • Passionately articulate the roles and visions of the AOG and Air Force Academy Foundation.
  • Be willing to travel extensively and work evenings and weekends, as necessary.


Required Skills:

  • Ability to provide transformational leadership and creative problem-solving regarding organizational cultures, human resources practices, and strategic and operational planning.
  • Ability to think strategically and create strategic plans.
  • Understanding of member-serving organizations.
  • Understanding of fundraising and donor relations.
  • Strong financial acumen with an understanding of profit/loss management, audit (GAAP), budgeting, and investments.
  • Understanding of non-profit operations and business planning.
  • Ability to build relationships with staff, Boards, USAFA leaders, SecAF, CSAF, AOG members, and other USAFA supporting organizations.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with multiple constituencies and motivate them.
  • Adaptable and comfortable with ambiguity.

Required Attributes:

  • Passionate about and having demonstrated commitment to the AOG and Air Force Academy Foundation missions.
  • Knowledge of Academy and Academy-related supporting non-profit organizations
  • Unblemished character and integrity.
  • Team builder and unifier, approachable, credible and worthy of respect.
  • Commitment to servant leadership.
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Life AOG member

Required Experience

  • USAFA non-active duty graduate.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management expertise in the Air Force, government, private, public, or non-profit sectors (O-9 – O-10, SES Levels 1-3, senior corporate executive)
  • Possess a well-established track record of leadership, people development, and team building via a positive culture with high morale
  • Advanced degree. 
  • Experience with Boards of Directors, their committees, and governance.
  • Demonstrated results in transferring strategic vision into tactical implementation.


Desired Experience:

  • Member-serving organization experience.
  • Fundraising experience.
  • Experience with multiple governance models.
  • Experience leading multiple organizational cultures toward a common purpose.
  • MBA degree.



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