Equipment trailer made possible through crowdfunding

The USAFA Triathlon Team has purchased a new equipment trailer with the help of parents and FalconFunder, the USAFA Endowment crowdfunding web site.

The team travels to Lake Havasu, Arizona, for the Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference Championships March 17, and it will be their first use of the trailer. Prior to this competition, the team would either have to break down their bicycles or transport them in cargo vans or an open-bed platform truck.

The new trailer is enclosed to protect the bicycles from the elements, and it is custom-fitted for the number of bikes the Academy team needs to transport. Team members helped outfit the trailer prior to its first use, and they called it a “game changer” for the team.

The FalconFunder project was spearheaded by the parents of two cadet triathletes: Chris and Bobbi Prinslow, parents of C1C Tom Prinslow, and Greg ’84 and Beth Emanuel, parents of C3C Katherine Emanuel. The Endowment collected 35 gifts in support of the project.

The USAFA Triathlon Team has almost 50 members. On average, 20-25 cadets participate in each competition during the year. The 2018 Collegiate National Championships are April 27-28 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.



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