Leaving a lasting legacy

Remembering retired Maj. Kenneth A. Lavin, Ed.D.

Retired Maj. Kenneth A. Lavin, Ed.D., devoted 27 years of his life to serving cadets at the Air Force Academy.

He taught German as an associate professor and served as the director of the graduate studies program. After retirement, he continued to work as an associate professor and scholarship advisor at the Academy.

Lavin passed away in 2016 after a battle with cancer.

In memory of Lavin’s life and love for the Air Force Academy, his widow, Bonnie, made a significant gift to the Stamps Family Charitable Scholarship Fund.

"While Ken enjoyed every job he had in the military, teaching cadets a foreign language and later helping cadets win scholarships to continue their educations in fields of their passions was what he loved to do!" she said. 

The Stamps scholarship supports select cadets who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and academic success, offering them opportunities to conduct undergraduate research, study abroad and travel internationally to pursue graduate scholarships.

This summer, Stamps Scholars are participating in a variety of internships and cross-cultural experiences, pursuing Russian language studies in Ukraine, exploring desalination solutions in Israel, conducting quantum computing research in California, and working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Virginia.

Two recent Stamps Scholarship recipients, Tory Gullo ’16 and Jeremy Jacobellis ’17, went on to receive Holaday Scholarships to pursue graduate studies at Oxford University in England.

"On his plaque on his grave it said, 'Beloved husband, father, grandfather, teacher and friend,'" Lavin shared. "To teachers, the main reason to do anything is to make a positive impact on others and a difference in the world! That is what Ken and I always believed."


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