Update: Season Five

Heritage Minute with Steve Simon '77 is back! Catch all the new episodes here and shared on social media.

AOG launches new Heritage Minute series

There are plenty of reminders of the rich heritage and history of the United States Air Force Academy scattered throughout its 18,500-acre installation.

Whether it’s a statue honoring a war hero or a static display of historic aircraft or a collection of important memorabilia, these reminders help tell the story of USAFA and the big Air Force through the decades.

One key mission of the Association of Graduates is to highlight some of those things that make the Academy the special place that it is.

As a result, the AOG is launching a series of “Heritage Minute” videos that will be available weekly on our website, Facebook and YouTube. Each episode of the “Heritage Minute” will feature a historic site or display found somewhere on the Academy campus.

The host of the video series is none other than Lt. Col. (Ret.) Steve Simon, Class of 1977, special projects officer of the AOG. Simon is the AOG’s history and heritage guru and will provide insight into each featured locale.

Our first “Heritage Minute” episode launched on Sept. 11, 2018, and appropriately at the 9/11 Memorial on the Terrazzo. Watch that video and more below.

Let us know what you think, or give us a tip on a heritage site you’d like us to feature. The AOG already has a long list of potential “Heritage Minute” topics, so we expect to keep this project going for some time. Send comments or suggestions to editor@aogusafa.org.