Notify the AOG of a Death

Please visit to submit notifications of deceased classmates. You may access Next of Kin site by clicking the link below.

AOG Actions: Upon notification and confirmation of the death of a graduate, the AOG will:

  1. Notify the class by email
  2. Update the Gone But Not Forgotten section of the website
  3. Send flowers on behalf of the class (see below)
  4. Send a condolence letter from the AOG President to the next-of-kin on behalf of the class
  5. Update the AOG records and database
  6. Offer the next-of-kin the opportunity to submit an obituary to be published in "Gone But Not Forgotten" in a future Checkpoints
  7. Invite next-of-kin to next annual Memorial Ceremony

Flowers: A red, white and blue fan shaped flower arrangement is sent along with a card reading "With Deepest Sympathies, USAFA Class of XXXX" in time for the funeral by agreement with each class. Flowers are not sent if notification is received after the funeral. If the family requests memorial donations in lieu of flowers, that information is included in the announcement and the money that would normally be used for flowers is sent to that charity on behalf of the class.

Annual Memorial Ceremony and Next-of-Kin Coffee: Deceased graduates and cadets who have passed away between 1 July and 30 June each year are honored at the annual Memorial Ceremony held on Homecoming weekend. The next-of-kin are invited to return to the Academy to participate in a special reception with the Academy's senior staff just prior to the ceremony on the terrazzo. The AOG issues invitations, organizes the reception, prepares the brochure, and provides the ceremonial wreath.

Class Reunions: Each class conducts a memorial ceremony and/or service to honor departed classmates. Most services are conducted in the Cadet Chapel but classes are free to plan other ceremonies. Most classes also produce a memorial booklet which is prepared by the AOG staff.