Kendra Lowe Class Of 2001


Dr. Kendra Lowe is the Founder/CEO of Thrive On, LCC charged with the development, programming and marketing of Rational Behavioral Therapy resources for military families. Dr. Lowe served 6 years active duty in Security Forces and Personnel and 20 years as a military spouse in the Special Operations Community. After separating from the Air Force, Dr. Lowe completed three graduate degrees with focused research on the social and emotional well-being of military families. She has been the Director of an International School in Okinawa, Japan and Professor of Psychology at Central Texas College. Her 15 years of practice in research, psychometric testing, evaluations, interventions, and risk management garnered 11 publications to help educate military communities on the significance of mental health. She is married to Lt. Col. Patrick Lowe O1' and they have three children Brianna, Amberlyn, and Gabriel.

Candidacy Statement

The Academy has provided a life long foundation for my family and instilled a commitment of honor, service and sacrifice. My priority is to ensure the AOG provides diverse and creative solutions to achieve world class support of our Cadets and Graduates. Both my active duty experience and second career (2006-Present) as Founder/CEO of Thrive On, LCC, psychologist, author, speaker, and military spouse have allowed me to focus on the social and emotional well­ being of military families. This experience will allow me to represent all graduates with a goal of providing open communications, transparency, creativity, and vision to the AOG Board of Directors. My grandfather (Robert Marks) served in World War II as a navigator. My father (R. Scott Marks 72'), father-in-law (Robert Lowe 71'), brother-in-law (Matt Lowe 95') and husband (Patrick Lowe O1') are USAFA graduates. I would be honored to serve on the AOG Board of Directors.