Hans Mueh Class Of 1966


 A '66 grad, Dr. Mueh served as an intelligence officer at TAC HQ, Langley AFB, Virginia and in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam, and at Nakhom Phanom RTAB, Thailand, and the Defense Intelligence Agency atthe Pentagon. In 1987, he was selected as Permanent Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry.  He was Vice Dean of Fracultyfrom  July2002 untiIAugust2004 and retired from the Air Force after 38 years of service. Dr. Mueh served as Athletic Director from Aug 2004 until Feb 2015. He is a current member of the AOG Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and a board member of the Falcon Foundation. He is a lifetime member of the AOG and a Sabre Society member.

Candidacy Statement

I've had the honor and privilege to serve on the Board of Directors of the AOG during the last four years. I've been fortunate to serve with an incredible group of dedicated AOG staff and a totally committed Board of Directors, and we've made real progress in linking the graduate community with the AOG and the Academy. Bringing the Academy Foundation and the AOG under one CEO was a major achievement, but we have a long way to go, and I'd like to be in on the next efforts to more closely link our AOG with a growing graduate community. I always thought I'd someday be in this position to give back to my Academy- I owe the Academy and the Air Force so much that I'll never be able to fully pay that bill. Heck, I'm still surprised that I even got into the Academy. So now in my retirement years, it's time to do what I can to help make our AOG the AOG our graduate community needs to build that link with our  Academy, the Air Force, and the civilian community.