2021 AOG Board Candidates

The 2021 Association of Graduates Election will be conducted from February 8, 2021 through noon MST March 22, 2021.

Board Desired Attributes for Open Seats in 2021 Election:
  • Full Commitment to AOG Board/Mission (Passion, Energy, Time, Willing to Network & Leverage Personal Contacts, Team Player, Courage to Dissent, Motivation to Advocate)
  • Diversity Reflective of AOG Membership (Balanced Class Representation [particularly grads w/in 15 years of graduation], Sex, Ethnicity, Race, Geography, Life Experience, Religious, Education)
  • Leadership Experience (Business, Military, Government, Non-Profit, Board)
  • Communication Skills (Good Listener, Proficient Writer & Speaker, Proficient w/ Social Media, Willing Speaker)
  • Financial Awareness (Budget, Contracting, Investment, Tax)
  • Legal Awareness (Business, Financial, Military, Civil, Legal Ethics)