Candidate Information for the 2021 Association of Graduates Board of Directors Election

Any graduate member may volunteer to be considered by the Nominating Committee by submitting the required nomination package to the SVP, Operations by 1 October 2020.

Additionally, any graduate member may have his/her name placed on the ballot without review or consideration by the Nominating Committee by submitting the required nomination package and petitions containing the signatures and AOG ID numbers of 25 AOG members.

The required nomination package must contain:

  1. A nomination letter from an AOG member that includes the names of three additional members and their AOG ID numbers, or, if via email for consideration by petition (click here), at least 25 Petitions in Support of Placing a Name on the Ballot. These signed forms must be submitted with the nomination package.
  2. A personal letter from the nominee specifically stating a desire to serve on the Board of Directors and confirming the ability to attend in person the specified four meetings per year.
  3. A full biography or resume for consideration by the Nominating Committee.
  4. A biography of no more than 200 words for publication in Checkpoints magazine.
  5. A personal statement of candidacy of no more than 200 words for publication in Checkpoints magazine.
  6. A recent color photo in hard copy or high-quality (300 dpi) digital (.tif or .jpg) format.

Only candidates who have provided the complete nomination package by the submission deadline will be considered.

Candidates will be asked to submit to a background check and will be required to complete a conflict-of-interest questionnaire.

Nomination packages must reach the AOG no later than close of business on Thursday, 1 October 2020.

Completed packages can be submitted in 2 ways:

If you have any questions, contact Corrie Grubbs or Emma Ross.

The election will begin on Monday, 8 February 2021, through noon, Mountain Time on Monday, 22 March 2021.

NOTE: The Board of Directors has approved these desired nominee attributes:

  • Full Commitment to AOG Board/Mission (Passion, Energy, Time, Willing to Network & Leverage Personal Contacts, Team Player, Courage to Dissent, Motivation to Advocate)
  • Diversity Reflective of AOG Membership (Balanced Class Representation [particularly grads w/in 15 years of graduation], Sex, Ethnicity, Race, Geography, Life Experience, Religious, Education)
  • Leadership Experience (Business, Military, Government, Non-Profit, Board) 
  • Communication Skills (Good Listener, Proficient Writer & Speaker, Proficient w/ Social Media, Willing Speaker)
  • Financial Awareness (Budget, Contracting, Investment, Tax)
  • Legal Awareness (Business, Financial, Military, Civil, Legal Ethics)


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