2021 AOG Election Results

The Board and the AOG staff sincerely thank all of the voting members for their active role in their Association of Graduates.


Congratulations to our five newly-elected Board Directors! We thank them in advance for their volunteer service to the Association of Graduates. (Listed in Class Order)

Current Bylaws

March 22, 2021

Bylaw Change

The AOG membership approved the bylaw amendments proposed by the Board of Directors.

Election Specifics

  • 8,485 eligible members of the Association of Graduates voted.
    • Quorum was achieved with 27.64% voting.
  • Our Bylaws describe how amendments are approved. Per Article XII, Section 3:
    • "All amendments to Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation must be submitted to a vote of the members. A quorum of 25 percent of the membership eligible to vote is required for the vote to be valid. The amendment must be approved by the majority of that quorum."
  • With 8,485 members voting, at least 4,243 + 1 must have voted "Approve" for each amendment to pass.
  • Final election returns:
    • Bylaw #1: Article VII, Section 1: The CAS (Class Advisory Senate) will consist of not more than one graduate member selected by each graduated class. The President of the CAS will be an ex-officio member of the board, without vote.
      • The Board is deleting "without vote" ***** (An "approve" vote would delete the words "without vote" and enable the CAS president to vote on Board Motions)
      • Approve 6,408
        Disapprove 1,789
        No Selection Made 288
    • Bylaw #2: Bylaws Article XII, Section 1 to the following: Section 1: The Bylaws will be reviewed periodically by the Governance Committee. The Board may propose and approve amendments to the Bylaws and/or Articles of Incorporation. All amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the entire Board. Bylaws changes are effective immediately upon approval, unless otherwise specified.
      • The Board is adding "and approve" as well as last sentence "All amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the entire Board. Bylaw changes are effective immediately upon approval, unless otherwise specified."
      • Approve 5,567
        Disapprove 2,672
        No Selection Made 246

Class Competition

The top classes for voting percentage in each decade are:

1959 - 1969 Class of 1969 65.8%
1970 - 1979 Class of 1975 61.2%
1980 - 1989 Class of 1982 50.5%
1990 - 1999 Class of 1991 38.0%
2000 - 2009 Class of 2009 31.2%
2010 - 2018 Class of 2010 21.2%

A hearty congratulations to the classes with the highest voting percentage from each decade! The No. 1 class from each decade will have $500 added to its respective Class Gift Fund.

Again, the AOG Board and staff appreciate the members and thank them for voting.