Membership for All Graduates Tournament Challenge

All Air Force Academy grads are now welcome to join the Association of Graduates for free! We’re doing a class competition tournament challenge to help get that word out to all grads in all classes.

Here's how it's played:

  • All classes are involved, seeded by their opt-in percentage so far, and setup like the NCAA basketball tournament brackets.
  • Victories in each round are determined mostly by a class’s percentage increase of new opt-ins, and winning classes move on to the next round.
  • To keep everyone involved all tournament long, opt-ins for eliminated classes also contribute to the scores of their associated classes sharing the same colors. So all the red classes help each other, for example, throughout the tournament.
  • For more details on how we score the games exactly and convert opt-in results each game to a basketball-like score, read below.
  • Just know that every new AOG member who opts-in helps their class (and others sharing their class colors) advance in the tournament to an ultimate class champion. Every grad who has already opted in has helped their class to a better seeding and more advantageous matchup.

Rally your classmates! Let them know any grads who aren't AOG members yet can join now for free and help their class in the tournament! Membership comes with many benefits like access to our award-winning alumni magazine, career and transition services, reunions, events and much more! JOIN NOW!

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We'll be doing regular updates on social media, so follow us for all the latest scores and classes advancing to the next rounds.

The competitions in each round will close every Sunday and Thursday night throughout the tournament. Our games will last a little longer than the NCAA tournament underway. We will post about the advancing classes by the next day.

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Round 3 Scores

Round 2 Scores

Round 1 Scores


1970: 84
1972: 105

1968: 43
1973: 62


1977: 43
1975: 44

1976: 43
1987: 57


1997: 43
1999: 92

1995: 44
2003: 65


2019: 65
2010: 55

2014: 44
2021: 53

Round 4 Scores


1972: 46
1973: 101


1975: 74
1987: 140


1999: 50
2003: 79


2019: 50
2021: 78


2021: 43
1973: 44

2003: 71
1987: 95


1973: 44
1987: 64

More Scoring Details

  • Every new member counts, whether you already opted-in earlier or any time during the tournament. Previous opt-ins determined seeding with higher performing classes drawing lower producing ones so far. New opt-ins from March 17th on go toward scoring in the tournament matchups by class. There will be two matchups a week, with one closing Sunday night (midnight MT) and the next round closing Thursday night. Any new opt-in between the end of one round and the end of the next one counts. Winners will be announced the next day and victorious classes advance to the next round. Eliminated classes do not, but they aren't out as any new opt-ins from eliminated classes contribute toward the scores of their fellow classes with the same class colors.
  • Opt-ins for your own class during a matchup count MOST for your class score. It's like a 3-point shot! We take your class opt-in percentage at the start of the round and find the difference in that percentage at the end of the round, then multiply that by 3.
  • Opt-ins for your fellow classes with the same class colors also count for your class score during a matchup, but not as much. The difference in collective opt-in percentage for all eliminated classes with your class color contribute to your score, but just not as much as your own class opt-ins (which are worth 3x). We do that to make sure classes who get the most opt-ins during a matchup have the best chance of advancing, but if it's a close contest then the opt-ins from your fellow class colors may make the difference. Since there are no classes eliminated yet in the first round, the class color contribution to scores is made up of all classes just in the first round. After that, only eliminated classes contribute to help their fellow class color classes.
  • From there we convert those performances into basketball scores. That's a little more complicated, but to make the results more realistic for posted scores, we start all class points off at 40 (for 40 squadrons) so we don't have any scores like 100 to 2. We then see which class performed the best and set that bar at 100 extra points. All other classes get their additional earned points on a percentage basis going off their opt-in performance (including class colors contribution) in comparison to the performance high bar for that round. So if your class didn't do much in the round for new opt-ins, you might get an extra 10 points (if only 10% up to the high mark in that round by the highest performing class) added to your 40 to start for 50 points overall. If you were facing a class in your matchup that did better with more points, they'd knock your class out of the tournament. You'd be out, but not done as any new opt-ins ahead in the tournament for your eliminated class help other active classes with your same class color. Go Red! Go Silver! Go Blue! Go Gold!
  • In the unlikely event of ties in a matchup, tie-breakers will be determined by which class did the best by their own opt-in percentage growth, then by the total number of new opt-ins for that round, and if it's still tied then it'll be decided by which class has the better overall membership percentage.
  • We use opt-in percentages instead of just total number of opt-ins to level the playing field since classes over the years have a wide range of total graduates and remaining non-members to add. Younger classes have more non-members to rally to opt-in still, while older classes may not have nearly as many non-grads to join.
  • Because we only have 63 graduate classes so far instead of an even field of 64, our first class of 1959 gets a bye into the next round.