Ambassadors are an exclusive group of passionate Falcons that are instrumental in supporting graduates, young alumni, parents and spouses in navigating the US Air Force Academy experience and beyond.

Our Vision

The Ambassador Program is an initiative of the Association of Graduates created to continue building engagement and service within the US Air Force Academy graduate and extended family community. All Ambassadors share the common goal to empower the Air Force Academy Family to do great things for each other, the Academy, and the nation for a lifetime.

Ambassador Logo + Types

Graduate Ambassadors’ Goal

Graduate Ambassadors will support other graduates during the active duty years, through transitions and beyond, offering ways to stay engaged with USAFA and strengthening the Long Blue Line. 

Young Alumni Ambassadors’ Goal

Young Alumni will support Cadets, recent graduates, and other Young Alumni when it comes to life at the Academy and navigating the challenges of active duty life and beyond while also bringing the USAFA community together in their local areas.

Alumni Family Ambassadors’ Goal

Alumni Family Ambassadors will work with AFA Parent and Family groups to retain alumni families post-graduation, mentor fledging or new parent groups, create an AFA presence in underserved areas, and work with local AOG chapters and USAFA to provide additional support on special projects as needed.


Do you need help finding the right Ambassador to connect with? Simply complete an online request and we will hand select an Ambassador that fits your needs.