O-96 Service Challenge

Explanation from Founders Day 2019

“I’ll be carrying an O-96 around in my wallet for the next year. I’m encouraging everyone to do the same. You can download it off our service webpage.

The “challenge” is to complete the “Fast-Neat-Average-Friendly-Good-Good” as many times as possible in acts of service.

  • Do an act of service. Check it “Fast.”
  • Do another act, check another off.
  • Complete the Form. Start another one.

If each person in this room did this just once this year, 2,250 people would be impacted. If we did it once a month, 27,000 people would be impacted. If all 50,000 graduates joined us, and did it each month, over 3.6 million people would be impacted.

And imagine what it would do to Academy’s reputation and national awareness if, when the person who was just “served” says “thank you”, we responded –

“No - thank you and the nation for sending me (or a loved one) to the Air Force Academy years ago.”

What a door-opening opportunity to tell the story about one of the things that makes our small school at the foot of the Rockies – different, and something special.”

Learn more about grads serving their communities.

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