Unified and steadfast in our commitment to the Academy

Dear Graduates, Friends, and Loyal Supporters,

The current global health crisis continues to present daily challenges, unlike any we have faced. The Association of Graduates and the Air Force Academy Foundation remain unified and steadfast in our commitment to the Academy, cadets, parents and graduates. We are inspired by the outpouring of support from the Air Force Academy family, especially in light of the recent deaths of two first-class cadets.

Here are some highlights of initiatives that are having a positive impact. We hope you will be inspired to stay (or get) engaged with your alma mater!

  • To boost morale among members of the Class of 2020, we launched the “Stay Strong” Campaign, an initiative focused on providing virtual letters with words of encouragement to the entire class. Submit Your Letter of Encouragement.

  • This week, the Air Force Academy Foundation launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $40,000 for the cadet Squadron Improvement Fund. In just one day, donations surpassed the fundraising goal. This project will provide gift baskets and cakes to cadets in all the squadrons. We offer special thanks to Mike Lambert ’70, who got the ball rolling, to the rest of the Class of 1970 (legacy class for the Class of 2020), the Air Force Academy Foundation directors, the AOG, and the many other graduates and supporters for helping push this effort to completion. Additional needs are likely to emerge, so if you would like to help, please click here to donate to the Air Force Academy Fund.

  • Over the past week, participation in the AOG’s new ZoomieLink platform has skyrocketed. There are now more than 3,000 USAFA graduates and cadets who are connected within this unique professional and personal community. If you have yet to register, take a few moments to get involved.

  • With assistance from the Air Force Academy Foundation and the AOG, the Air Force Academy athletic department purchased eight tactical gym boxes for outdoor use under Sijan and Vandenberg Halls. Originally designed for confined spaces and for deployment environments, the workout stations include a wide array of strength training options to keep cadets active and in shape.

We are in constant contact with the leadership of the Academy, and they know we stand ready to help and offer assistance where needed.

Many of you have reached out to offer support to the Academy during these trying times; we ask that you direct your ideas on how you would like to get involved with the AOG staff. Feel free to email alumnirelations@aogusafa.org with your thoughts and suggestions.

We wish you and your family all of the best and encourage you to reach out to each other for support and to discover meaningful ways to stay connected.

Stay safe and be well.

Marty Marcolongo, '88
President and CEO
Association of Graduates
Mike Gould, Lt. Gen. (Ret.), USAF
President and CEO
Air Force Academy Foundation