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USAFA Class of 2023 swears in collectively

Families and friends caught a final glimpse of their loved ones as the Class of 2023 participated in its swearing-in ceremony Friday morning (June 28).

Many family members displayed signs of encouragement from the stands, as the basic cadets made their way down to the parade grounds. Some spirited cheers echoed throughout the Academy campus in the moments leading up to the event.

Brig Gen. Michele Edmondson, USAFA commandant of cadets, hosted the morning ceremony at Stillman Field, featuring 1,157 new basic cadets.

“What do you think about our basic cadets now?” Brig. Gen. Edmondson asked the crowd about the formation in front of her. She was met with an extended cheer. “Isn’t it amazing what 24 hours will do?”

Turning her attention to the basic cadets, Brig. Gen. Edmondson recounted the events of the past 24 hours — bus ride, footprints, haircut and more.

“Now it’s time to get to work,” she said.

As a group, the basic cadets recited the Cadet’s Oath of Allegiance. Then they marched back to the Terrazzo for a continuation of orientation and Basic Cadet Training.

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