One Team, One Fight:
A Message to the U.S. Service Academy Alumni Communities

To our United States Service Academy alumni, families, and friends worldwide:

This is not the spring any of us — or you — could have imagined. Just a few weeks ago, cadets and midshipmen were immersed in their training, focused on the academic, military, physical and character development that prepares them to take on the responsibilities and opportunities that define the service of junior officers in our country’s armed forces. Some had embarked on service, some on learning and recreational opportunities through spring break experiences, and others had just kicked off their spring 2020 athletic seasons.

At the same time, our alumni, active at different stages of their own careers, looked with pride at the development of the next generation. They were focused on their own responsibilities toward the safety and security of our nation, the strength of our government and industries, and the health and happiness of their families.

But suddenly, the environment we find ourselves in today is vastly different, transformed by the need to focus on our global response to COVID-19, a new and unpredictable national security threat. Our relationships and experiences are disrupted, with many personal connections now unfolding virtually instead of face-to-face. Many of our alumni are on the frontlines of this battle, adapting their skills in response to new demands. Each of our communities has seen losses and we, as service members and Americans, face new and unprecedented personal and leadership challenges.

The ideals that unite those who have sworn to serve in times of peace and war continue to unite us still, and the value of each member of our team to the others and to our fellow Americans has never been greater. As leaders of our academies’ alumni communities, we have turned to each other for support and wisdom during these difficult days, and we urge you to do the same. Our milestones and celebrations will be different this year — but our missions will remain the same. The courage, commitment, and skill of our graduating officers remain the same. The ties that bind us will never waver.

Now is the time to embrace new ways of connecting with each other, and each of us is fully committed to providing the programs and services that support those connections. We invite you to share your thoughts and insights on how we may better serve you during this time and long into the future.

The ways in which you, our alumni, past and present, have collectively shaped history set us apart from all other institutions of higher learning.  This shared sacrifice has engendered a friendly rivalry that we all enjoy.  Now, as in other times of challenge, we come together as one.

Please accept our heartfelt wishes for the health, safety, and prosperity of our shared service academy family, in all the corners of the world where they live and serve.


Colonel Todd Browne, USA (Ret.), USMA ’85
President and CEO
West Point Association of Graduates

Lieutenant General Mike Gould, USAF (Ret.), USAFA ’76
U.S. Air Force Academy Association of Graduates and Air Force Academy Foundation  

Byron F. Marchant USNA ’78
President and CEO
U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation

Captain Andrea Marcille, USCG (Ret.), USCGA ’89
U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association

Captain Jim Tobin, USMMA ’77
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Association and Foundation