Greetings USAFA family:

 We are extremely proud of the Long Blue Line, especially during the last few months, when uncertainty and adversity have been the norm at the Air Force Academy and around the world.

 We asked for support of our cadets, and you answered in tremendous numbers — a graduate-led mission support group. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Whether it was a letter, an offer of mentorship, a gift of goodies or any other number of positive connections, the graduating cadets and the Academy as a whole felt what it means to rely on their wingmen.

 Thanks, in part, to you, the Class of 2020 reached their target six weeks early, and the rest of the Cadet Wing is remotely working toward the end of its semester. We are inspired by the leadership and tenacity shown by the Class of 2020 through the COVID-19 pandemic. In turn, your commitment and involvement in their success serve as inspiration for them.

 As the Academy navigates the end of one academic year and the beginning of the next amid continued challenges, the Association of Graduates and the Air Force Academy Foundation have pledged their continuing support to make sure the Class of 2024 has the same experiences and opportunities as previous classes. In fact, we have made it a priority to provide more than a margin of excellence to make the cadet and graduate experiences exceptional.

 We make it easy for you to be a partner in this mission. Now more than ever, time, talent and treasure all play a role in keeping the Academy and cadets on track.  Here are a couple of things you can do now: 

  1. Connect or network with fellow graduates, strengthening the Long Blue Line by joining ZoomieLink and participating in its activities. You also can be part of a mentoring relationship. 
  1. Support Academy programs and emerging Academy needs through the Air Force Academy Foundation. The unrestricted Air Force Academy Fund offers Academy leadership the flexibility to direct gift funds where they are most needed. Your gift could also support graduate programs like membership for the Class of 2020 and graduate engagement programs. Visit to make a gift.

 We have no doubt that there is strength in numbers. We experienced it firsthand this spring as the USAFA community responded to each new challenge with resolve. Your continued support keeps us coming to work every day, even when that means working from home.

With gratitude and respect,

Marty Marcolongo, Association of Graduates president and CEO
Mike Gould, Air Force Foundation president and CEO