Firstie Departure provides resources for Class of ’23

April 28 2023

Before leaving the Air Force Academy as freshly-minted second lieutenants, Class of 2023 cadets got a sendoff that offered resources that may prove helpful as the soon-to-be officers begin their careers.

The Association of Graduates hosted Firstie Departure April 27 in the Arnold Hall Ballroom to provide a variety of helpful information including details on how to stay connected to the graduate community.

Most cadets come to the Academy straight out of high school and have never had to budget their money for housing, utilities or even food. Those and many other benefits including medical care are provided to cadets while at the Academy.

During Firstie Departure, fellow graduates and professional experts offered life skills tips on housing, financial wellness, life-work balance and more.


Firstie Departure Table View


Firstie Departure Room View

Firstie Departure Celebratory Photo