Academy Cadet named a Truman Scholar

April 03 2023


USAFA Cadet 2nd Class Isobel Dernlan, Class of 2024, has been named one of 62 Truman Scholars by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees.

The junior was among 705 applicants nominated by 275 colleges, universities and military service academies for the program.

“Isobel is a generational talent with a unique ability to galvanize everything she touches — from academics and research to leadership and volunteer work — all underscored by her dedication to serve others,” said Brig. Gen. Linell Letendre, Academy dean of the faculty. “Her award of a Truman Scholarship not only marks her as a rising star at the national level, but also reflects the mentorship of countless faculty members and military leaders who enabled Isobel's research, supported her leadership development, and propelled her efforts to give voice to the disempowered around the world. We are proud of her accomplishments and can’t wait to see her impact on the world.”

Dernlan is a double major in political science and foreign area studies who plans to pursue a degree in international security and foreign service. The St. Louis, Missouri, native hopes to serve as an Air Force intelligence officer and eventually serve as a foreign area officer following her post-graduate program.

“I’m so incredibly grateful for the scholarship to continue my education, but I’m most excited for the community of past and present Truman Scholars that I will be joining,” said Cadet Dernlan. “I have so much to learn from this association of dedicated public servants, and I’m eager to make my own contributions as well. The opportunities and mentors with which the Academy has provided me, as well as the support of my loved ones, have been invaluable in helping me get to this point.”

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Cadet 2nd Class Isobel Dernlan, Class of 2024